rotting shingles

If your roof is rotting, the problem should be fairly obvious and must be remedied immediately. Rot is most common in wooden shingles, but can also occur in the asphalt variety. If the shingle absorbs excessive moisture over time, rot can result. Of course, rotten shingles tend to occur most often in geographic areas with significant humidity or rainfall.If some shingles are rotting, the rest could follow soon. Rather than wasting time and energy replacing many individual shingles and prolonging the inevitable, you should bite the bullet and replace them all.

damaged flashing

Flashing is a layer of metal sheeting, usually made from copper, tin, or aluminum, installed at an angle or joint in your roof, which prevents water from breaching the roof. The most common place to find flashing is around your chimney or sewer vent pipe. Asphalt roof shingles require “step flashing,” which are individual pieces of flashing covering each shingle and overlapping onto the shingle down slope. This application is usually needed where a sloping roof passes a vertical surface like a chimney. By using an individual piece of flashing for each shingle or row of shingles, a water tight seal can be maintained over time, despite daily shingle expansion and contraction from temperature swings. A larger, single piece of metal would crack apart from this expansion and contraction, letting water into the structure.

blistering shingles

When moisture or gas builds up inside of a shingle, it can cause the surface to bubble outward in places. This is known as blistering. Conditions that cause blistering can include a poorly ventilated attic, leaf or debris buildup, or just natural roof aging. Blistered shingles are not necessarily a death sentence for your roof. As long as the blisters stay smaller than one-quarter of an inch and do not break open, they should not affect the useful lifespan of your roof. It may be a good idea to have us out to check your roof if you think you see signs of blistering.

Decaying shingles

All roofing materials will eventually deteriorate. Often, shingles on a roof will not all go bad at once. Deteriorating shingles are actually fairly easy to notice. Look for any splitting, cracking, chipping, peeling, curling, or blistering and replace the affected shingles as necessary.

missing shingles

Shingles only protect your roof if they are all intact. Missing shingles create convenient openings, through which water can enter your home. Shingles can be pulled off your roof by strong winds or falling tree branches and can also be broken by repeated freezing and thawing. However, take special note if your shingles come off without any real provocation – if this happens they are definitely worn out. Missing shingles must be replaced as soon as possible. A few loose shingles might be sealed with flashing cement, before more damage is done.

Telltale warning signs that you may need a new roof

Some signs that you need to replace your roof are obvious, like water leaking through multiple places in your ceiling! Other signs are not as apparent and require a more thorough inspection to diagnose. Here are some telltale warning signs that you may need a new roof.

curling or cupping shingles

Curling is a common problem on roof shingles and typical causes include: improper shingle storage prior to installation, incorrect installation, excessively dry asphalt shingle bases, poor quality materials, or just natural wear. When shingles curl, they are no longer able to keep water from seeping through your roof, which could potentially cause serious structural damage. Once shingles have gotten to this point, there is no way to halt or reverse the process, unfortunately. It is best to just replace them all. 

Do I need a new roof?

Maybe a simple repair now  may be all you need!

If you see any of these early warning signs, (depicted below) please contact us to schedule a "Free Roof Inspection." Yes, it's really free, and yes if you only need a minor repair, we'll let you know. (See Reviews)  Sometimes a minor repair can prevent you from being in a situation where you have no choice but to replace your roof. Again, there is no charge, no pressure and no gimmicks with this. All we ask that if there is something you (or your friends or family) need, you give us an opportunity to bid on the job.
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